Cryptolocker Ransomware – What does it do and how can I prevent it?

There is a nasty piece of ransomware doing the rounds at the moment called Cryptolocker.  It's considered so serious by the National Crime Agency that they have issued an urgent alert because they believe the UK's small and medium businesses are being specifically targeted.

What does Cryptolocker do?

Cryptolocker is a piece of malware that infects your PC. Once your machine becomes infected the malware will scan your computer looking for precious data such as word processor documents, presentations, spreadsheets, graphics, databases, etc. When it finds some it will scramble them by using unbreakable encryption. Once your files have been scrambled there is no way you can unscramble them unless you pay the criminals a ransom of about £500. It's this...

Reviewing IT Support Performance

Most IT Support companies expect their customers to hold a formal review of how well or otherwise, they are performing. Every 12 to 18 months or so seems to be the norm. This is an important element of the relationship between customer and IT Support provider.  Here at Core Office IT we welcome the review meetings. In the review meeting, the customer can formally appraise our performance since the last review, both good and not so good, plus we can amend procedures for the better and very importantly, establish potential changes in our customer’s future business strategy that the IT system will need to accommodate in future. Here at Core Office IT we find the most commonly reviewed topics of the IT Support contract as reviewed by our customers fall into three categories.  We are sharing this with...