Get a much faster PC or laptop for £100!

Most people find that their ‘middle-aged’ PC or laptop is becoming slow and unproductive for them but don’t want to spend the time or money investing in a new PC or laptop.

Even if the PC has been ‘cleaned-up’ it still does not feel as responsive as it once did.

With anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spam and various forms of grayware using more and more of your PC’s resources it can seem that your trusty PC is now not up to the job any more.

But wait – there is now a very cost-effective upgrade available in the form of an SSD drive upgrade.

I’ve been in the IT industry for approximately 20 years and this is probably the best upgrade you can put in your existing PC or laptop.

What is an SSD drive?

Traditionally data in a PC is stored on a ‘mechanical’ hard disk drive (HDD) which is made up of a small disk ‘spinning’ at about 5000-7000 RPM. You can often hear this spinning when the PC is running and causes an LED to flash on the front of the PC when data is being accessed. Over time data access becomes slower as more data is put onto it and data becomes spread over multiple places on this ‘spinning’ disk causing ‘data fragmentation’.

Newer mass storage devices are in the form of SSD drives. SSD stands for Solid State Drive. This takes the place of a typical PC hard drive and is much……….. much faster! What’s more these are now affordable and can compete in storage capacity sizes.

An SSD drive is an essential upgrade for an ageing PC or laptop. Not only are they much faster but they have other benefits including:

  • Speed – Startup much faster, launch apps much faster – generally excellent performance.
  • Noise – SSDs make virtually no noise at all, since they’re non-mechanical.
  • Durability – As SSD drives have no moving parts they are more likely to survive if you drop your laptop. You should still keep a backup of your data though!
  • Form factor – they are made to take the place of a traditional hard drive.
  • Improved battery life – As there are no moving parts your laptop battery will last longer.

What’s not to like?

Simply replace your old mechanical hard drive with a newer SSD drive, transfer your operating system from your old slow hard drive to your new SSD drive and off you go – blazingly fast!

If you are interested in finding out about SSD Drive options give us a call on 01404 384483 or contact us via our web form.

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