Cool Stuff About Phone Systems – Costs Savings and Business Agility

In this blog article I want to take a brief look at a couple features the latest VoIP (Voice over IP) phone systems are capable of and how they can bring real benefits to your business.

Softphones – Traditionally a phone was a physical device that was hard wired to the office phone system.  Now a phone can be a software app that runs on your PC, smart phone or tablet.  These apps are known as softphones and can connect to your phone system securely over the Internet meaning an extension no longer has to be confined to the office.  This opens up loads of possibilities for softphones to increase the productivity and flexibly of your business, here are some examples:

What if you work from home?  No problem, simply start the softphone app on your smart phone or PC and it’s instantly turned it into an extension of the office phone system.  It works in exactly the same way including providing access to the company directory, call logs, voicemail, etc.  There are no extra redirect costs, no extra hardware and no cables.  If a colleague wants to talk to you or transfer a call they do it in exactly the same way as if you were sat your desk.

How about this?  You plan on running a telesales campaign in the run up to Christmas and employ extra office staff to handle the calls.  Normally you’d need to provide a phone handset for each new employee but if you use a softphone you no longer have that extra cost to get them connected.

These are just two examples I came up with but I’m sure you can think of others that would provide real benefit to your business.

SIP Trunks – A SIP trunk basically allows phone calls to be sent over the Internet. In practice it’s not really any different from a normal phone line.  If it’s not really doing much different you may wonder how it can will benefit your business?  Let me explain, in the past if you needed extra phones lines to the office you needed to book an engineer to install new physical cables into your office which meant extra cost.   A SIP trunk can use your existing Internet connection so there is no install cost and it can literally be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Let’s go back to our Christmas telesales example again.  Since you are expecting increased calls you’ll need extra lines to handle those calls.  With a SIP trunk you can add extra capacity to your phone system to cover the increase in calls over that period.  Once the campaign has finished you can remove the SIP trunk thus reducing your costs back to normal.

Best of all, calls routed over a SIP trunk can be very competitive for certain numbers.  Using a feature of the phone system called “Least Cost Call Routing” you can have your system automatically send out-going calls over the connection that has the lowest incurred cost.

These are just two of many great features you can find in the latest VoIP (Voice over IP) phone systems and they bring a level flexibility and cost saving that’s not been available until recently.

There are quite a few phones systems out there that can provide the features I’ve discussed but after careful consideration we have chosen to partner with 3CX, a leader in the VoIP unified communications market.

3CX Phone System is a rock solid and featured packed product but what makes it really stand out from the crowd is the purchase cost.  3CX have chosen to shun the expensive “per seat” licencing model used by competing products and instead licence on the number of simulations calls you actually make.  When compared you quickly see the massive cost savings to be made purchasing a 3CX Phone System.

Additionally, there are further significant savings to be had.  Unlike other systems there are no additional licencing costs for add-on features, with 3CX they are included straight out of the box.  For example, with most systems you need to pay an extra licence fee for every softphone, with 3CX Phone System you can use as many as you like at no extra cost.

Further details of our 3CX Phone Systems can be found here

If you are interested in finding out about how Core Office IT can help you with a new phone system or unified communications platform give us a call on 01404 384483 or contact us via our web form

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